18 Oct 2005

Wingnuttery on loan from God

Posted by dumpendebat

Good old Mark Noonan was all over himself with dire predictions of the “MSM” getting ready to “bury the story of the Iraq vote in the back pages.” That didn’t happen, but so what? Wacky Rush just went on ahead and pretended like that was what happened anyway!


It — this is — this is stunning stuff, and of course, this rates page A22 in the mainstream press, as does the Iraqi Constitution. That rates A22 — what — that’s in the Washington Post.


And it goes on, and on, and on to describe what a pleasant day election day was in Iraq. It — if you look at this, folks, perhaps the most amazing awe-inspiring, positive, and triumphant story of the past two years — and it’s on page A22 of the Washington Post. We have paid for this achievement. We have paid for this achievement with the blood of our sons and daughters. And their families. This has to be recognized and celebrated. It’s a disgrace to bury this on page A22.


Talent on loan from God. Meeting and surpassing all audience expectations on a daily basis. Now to be fair, the New York Times did front-page the big news out of Iraq. The Washington Post didn’t. Page A22. But the New York Times did: “Early Signs Show Iraqis’ Approval of Constitution.”

There was indeed a story on page A22 of the Post on Sunday. But guess what, readers? You know what already: there was also a bigger story on the front page. Whoops! Rush missed that one. He did indeed “meet and surpass my expectations” this time. If some inconvenient fact gets in the way of the rant you’ve been planning, why let it stop you? Just ignore it!

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