3 Dec 2005

Spamming for Dada

Posted by dumpendebat

This bizarre instance of comment spam was caught by my spamfilter system a few minutes ago:

Nice job. I’m planning to come back here in the future. Game can Do Table: , when Tournament is Soldier it will Lose Grass Collective Mistery becomes Curious Soldier in final , when Game Con Chair Bet Greedy Circle is always Beautiful Round

That’s it, verbatim. No hyperlinks (so what was the point, then?); no terribly obvious keywords. I’m frankly impressed that the spamfilters caught this one.

The third sentence is actually pleasing, and has a sort of atavistic beauty all its own. It could have been written by Jean Arp or Tristan Tzara. This is clearly the work of a spammer who’s not in it for the clickthroughs or the boost in search-engine results; there’s an artist somewhere out there on this Internet, spamming for Dada.

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