4 Apr 2006

This is just a bunch of freaks out there

Posted by dumpendebat

Remember the city manager who made a fool of himself by insisting his computers had been “hacked”? He’s as truculent as ever:

“This is just a bunch of freaks out there that don’t have anything better to do,” he said. “When I came in to work Monday morning, I had about 500 e-mails, plus anonymous phone calls from all the geeks out there. [CentOS is] a free operating system that this guy gives away, which tells you how much time he’s got on his hands.”

He also thinks it was a good idea to repeatedly threaten to call the FBI; he thinks it got him the result he wanted (which, remember, was to have some innocent stranger do his job for him):

Taylor said that he also did not regret threatening Hughes with FBI action, since he believes that was what prompted Hughes to start treating him seriously.

“After that, he called me Mr. Taylor,” he said, “and he got me the information I needed.”

What a tool.

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