1 Aug 2007

Daily Link for 2007/08/01

Posted by dumpendebat

Perhaps the ultimate case of road rage:

Stankovitch attempted to pass Goza and cut him off just south of Sunset Avenue, said Gurnee police officer David Ronzani. Only he wasn’t too successful.

Stankovitch lost control of his Volvo and jumped the curb, before flipping his car at least four times, taking out a power line and ending up upside down in the parking lot of NOSCO Inc.

Not to be slowed down, a bloodied Stankovitch crawled out of his car and began to pick a fight with Goza.

“This was a road rage situation,” Ronzani said. “He flips his car and gets out wanting to fight the other guy.”

(via Obscure Store and Reading Room)

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