16 Aug 2007

Daily Link for 2007/08/16

Posted by dumpendebat

Today’s Daily Link is Canto One of The Wingnuttiad, a brilliant ode limning the heroic words and deeds of the right-wing blogosphere. This is some seriously funny stuff, readers:

“Check the kerning! link, link! and blather!
Years ago we got that bastard Rather!
If we cross-link enough, and fight fight fight,
In seven years we may once more be right!”
Because everyone knows the media’s biased,
Which alone explains the current crisis.
“The Good Lord knows it just can’t be the war!
That’s going great! No! What plagues us sore,
Is how the NY Times loves Michael Moore,
Who is fat, just like that awful Albert Gore.”

(via LGM)

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