8 Sep 2007

White-Hot Hatred, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Posted by dumpendebat

Mark Noonan has done it before, and he’ll do it again:

Picture of Playmobil Civil War playset
From the desk of Mark Noonan

Picture of Flamin Hot Cheetos[A]fter 10,000 ideas were submitted and the choices were narrowed to four and then rank and file Democrats voted, the DSCC bumper sticker for 2008 is:

“Sorry, W, I’m the Decider; Dems in 08”

[… T]his shows the depth of hatred Democrats have for a moderately conservative Republican like President Bush. So extremist have they become that they have developed a white-hot hatred for a man who will meet them more than half way on education, health care, social security reform and immigration. This level of hatred is very dangerous for our nation — it illustrates a hardening of positions and an unwillingness to make an attempt to see things from a different point of view. This sort of hatred is the stuff with which civil wars are made — and my advice to you Democrats is to stop it. Really. Before you go too far.

Readers, what is wrong with this tool? He sees a bumper sticker that says “Sorry, W, I’m the decider” and immediately begins fulminating about “white-hot hatred” and “civil war.” Did he skip breakfast that morning? Was it hepatic in origin, what those dhimmi Frenchies call a crise de foie? Or was his head maybe full of romance, cannon smoke, polished brass buttons, and the shrill cry of the bugle, after he got through watching his North And South DVDs?

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