13 Sep 2007

Thursday MP3s: Vapourspace

Posted by dumpendebat

This week, readers, you can have two CD singles from Vapourspace. Click on the album-cover images to download ZIP files of the recordings.

Image of Gravitational Arch of 10 album cover
Gravitational Arch of 10 – Magnetic Gravity Arc Suite (1993)

  1. Gravitational Arch of 10: Magnetic Gravity Arc Suite
  2. Gravitational Arch of 10: Radio/Video Edit

Image of Vista Humana album cover
Vista Humana (1994)

  1. Vista Humana
  2. Vista Humana (Ekxtra Plastik Tekxure Mix)
  3. Vista Humana (Sleepwalker Mix)
  4. Vista Humana (Nev Mix)

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