22 Sep 2007

Blog Comments Used in Negative Attack Ad

Posted by dumpendebat

The GOP has officially jumped the shark, readers:

A Republican state legislator from Fairfax County [Va.] has launched an attack ad on cable TV against his Democratic opponent that features unidentified, unverified quotes from a blog.

The ad by Del. Timothy D. Hugo points to a new form of negative campaigning in which information for an attack ad is sourced to comments posted on the Internet instead of more authoritative sources such as news reports or public records.

Hugo’s ad highlights critical comments about his Democratic opponent, Rex Simmons, that someone with the screen name “Pitin” posted on the Democratic blog Raising Kaine.

The Hugo campaign claims that it’s OK to use quasi-anonymous comments from a blog “because blogs are ultimately responsible for the comments that are posted on them.”

A political-science prof says that “it is like quoting graffiti off the underside of an underpass and using it in a political ad.”

What do you think, readers?

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