2 Oct 2007

Switched-On Bach

Posted by elfasbrynja

Since almost everyone I know can’t stand black metal, I’d like to post a (slightly) more conventional offering than Burzum’s seminal self-titled release.

I first heard Walter (now Wendy) Carlos’ Switched-On Bach when I was maybe eleven or twelve in its right vinyl EP form and it was the shit. He (now she’s) the guy (now gal) who wrote the score for A Clockwork Orange and Tron as well as releasing an album of wholly original material based on astronomical themes called Digital Moonscapes, but began with ‘realizations’ of classical—or, more appropriately—Baroque music. Switched-On Bach was the first of those releases and by far one of the most popular classical music albums ever released.

Switched-On Bach album cover

I may listen to stuff like Fuck the Universe by Craft more often now, but can’t pass up a release so good as Switched-On Bach

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