8 Jan 2008

Open Thread: Torpid Iguana Edition

Posted by dumpendebat

Picture of torpid iguanaReaders, I’m confused. Help me out here:

First, Global Warming was refuted by the fact that it snowed in Michigan. In January.

But yesterday (Monday, 2008/01/07) it was 65 degrees Fahrenheit here on the East Side of Pittsburgh. According to my trusty digital thermometer, it’s 68.8 degrees Fahrenheit on my front porch right now at 14:47 in the afternoon. So Global Warming must be for real: after all, I now have anecdotal data to match that of my Michigan counterparts.

But wait a second, readers! It’s been so cold in the Florida Keys that iguanas are falling out of trees! And if it gets cold anywhere, that means Global Warming is a liberal lie!

Oh, well. Consider this an open thread.

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