10 Jan 2008

Thursday MP3s: Underground London

Posted by dumpendebat

I haven’t posted Thursday MP3s in a couple of months, readers, but better late than never.

Today’s album is Disc One of Underground London (1995). This is a twelve-track compilation of British techno. I still listen to it fairly often, and it still sounds good, despite the fact that it’s now twelve years old. If you like electronic music, you will enjoy this compilation. Click on the album-cover image to download the album (in ZIP format):

Picture of Underground London album cover
Underground London (1995)

Track listing:

  1. Sound Enforcer: “Flys and Cows of Coldharbour Lane”
  2. Plantastik: “Merlin Street Magic”
  3. Mark Broom: “Brick Lane Bagel”
  4. Space DJz: “Hornsey Rise”
  5. aD&T Project: “Centrepoint”
  6. The Advent: “W10”
  7. Soundscape: “The Ark”
  8. Steve Paton: “Mean Streets”
  9. Mandrill: “Traffic”
  10. Spira: “Signals From South West Four”
  11. Gigglatron: “Sprawl”
  12. Sapiano: “Metropolis”

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