10 Sep 2008

The Costco Coulter Giveth Praise Unto Allah

Posted by dumpendebat

Dear Costco Coulter,

If you’re going to claim on your biography page that you “speak Arabic,” you might want to think about getting the most basic Arabic phrases right.

There’s no such thing as “Alhamdillullah.” This is a mistake you’ve made many, many times. We’ve even talked about it before.

The phrase is al-hamdu lillah. Not al-hamdi lullah or “Alhamdillullah.” Furthermore, it doesn’t mean “Praise Allah.” It means “Praise [be] to God,” or simply Thank God.

Most Arabs say it about fifty times a day. You might want to try getting it right once in a while. That would make your claims of linguistic prowess a little easier to believe.

Just something to think about.


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