20 Mar 2009

A Bunch of Videos I Watched Recently

Posted by elfasbrynja

I’ve never claimed to be creative with titles.

Titus Pullo of Legio XIII Gemina stomps everyone’s ass until Patrick Stewart comes in to fuck him up. Then Lucius Vorenus, Titus’ centurio, has a rare pang of pity and destroys Patrick Stewart with his own ugly fantasy mace.

Science Officer Ash of the Nostromo, now exposed as a robot, waxes poetic about the alien.

A compelling argument for cloning, set to music.

I don’t have words to describe this video and it’s short, so just watch it.

By far the funniest parody of Der Untergang I have seen. “My entire army is retarded! I mean literally retarded! You promised me we put away all the retards back when we got the gays and the communists. So a few slip through. Fine. But a WHOLE ARMY OF THEM?”

I like all the God’s eye views in this video. Peter Jackson would be proud. The Red Army looks about ready to invade Mordor.

Ragnarok is a UK-based neofolk / folk metal band. Many of their songs are in Old English. No shit!

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