17 Oct 2011

Will Rush set the record straight?

Posted by dumpendebat

I’ll be interested to see if Rush and his staff will do the “due diligence research” he said they’d do on the Lord’s Resistance Army [see previous post]. Will he admit the truth: that the Obama administration is not “targeting Christians” in central Africa, but helping regional governments get rid of a noxious, vicious gang of criminals who stand accused of crimes against humanity?

Even if Rush does the right thing here, there’s no way for him to come out of this looking good. There are only two possibilities:

  1. Rush knew all along what the LRA is all about, and he was just playing his listeners for fools. If this is the case, he’s a liar and a demagogue, willing to say anything if it makes President Obama and/or the Democratic Party look bad.
  2. Rush really didn’t know any better, and he thought the LRA were good Christian freedom fighters. He didn’t even do the minimal level of homework — not even a Google search — before accusing the President of “targeting Christians.” If this is the case, he has made a real fool out of himself, inadvertently speaking out in defense of a murder gang who kidnap children and force them to serve as guerillas or sex slaves.

In neither case has Rush displayed any of the “excellence in broadcasting” of which he is wont to boast.

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