21 Oct 2011

Excellence In Broadcasting?

Posted by dumpendebat

Readers, I’ve been hoping Rush would do the “due diligence research” he promised his listeners he’d do [see my previous two posts], but it doesn’t look like he and his staff ever managed to find the time. (He’s got much more important things to do, such as accusing Sen. McCain of “kissing Obama’s butt” and gratuitously insulting the First Lady. Now that’s classy.)

Searching Rush’s website, the only mention I have seen of the LRA since last Friday’s show has been one mention of how Rush’s sidekicks were mentioned on the Senate floor during a speech by Sen. Inhofe (who was speaking in support of President Obama’s decision to send Special Forces soldiers to Africa to help put down the LRA):

Dawn, Brian, and Snerdley all made their debuts on the Senate floor yesterday all because I happened to be misinformed about something. […] We said they were sending in a hundred people as advisors and so forth, but I wanted to play the sound bites primarily ’cause you three are now in the Congressional Record. All three of you. And you’re in the Congressional Record because you didn’t know something! How does it feel? (laughing)

“I happened to be misinformed about something.” That dismissive sentence, I am sure, is the closest he’ll ever come to “due diligence research.” Rush has long since moved on. He scored his cheap little political point — President Obama is sending US troops to Africa, “targeting Christians” — and now he just says “I happened to be misinformed” and lets the matter drop. That’s his “due diligence research.” I was hoping he might surprise me and show a little class (and intellectual honesty) for once, but that did not happen, because Rush Limbaugh is simply not a very good person.

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