18 Sep 2012

“Upgrades” that break stuff

Posted by dumpendebat

Just today, readers, two software “updates” were forced on me that actually REMOVED functionality I considered important:

1. The iPad Twitter app pushed out a new “update” that took Lists off the home screen and put them where it now takes three times as long to navigate there. Not the biggest deal in the world, but this annoys me. I could access my Lists right from the home screen before, and now I can’t. Thanks, Twitter!

2. The Bitly Chrome Extension team apparently decided that their users didn’t really WANT to be able to edit something before sharing it on Twitter, so they took that ability away and then pushed out a new “update.” Now I can’t share a link with the Chrome extension: I have to first use the extension to create a shortlink to the item I want to share (this is what Bitly calls “bitmarking” it), THEN I have to go to the Twitter website or my TweetDeck desktop application to share it, stopping along the way to copy the shortlink to the Windows clipboard. Why? Because the title of your average web page doesn’t usually happen to have Twitter hashtags in it! Because I might like to tweet something other than the default title of a web page! I might like to shorten it, I might like to add a hashtag, I might like to edit the title… All of a sudden, I can’t do any of these things, and I could do all of them yesterday, before this wretched “update!” Thanks for basically BREAKING the Chrome extension I use most and making it MUCH MORE DIFFICULT to tweet news items, guys!

I find this really annoying.

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