21 Oct 2012

What is wrong with Google?

Posted by dumpendebat

Readers, what in the world is wrong with Google?

Google Chrome is one of their flagship products. It’s been very successful, to the point that, as of last month (September 2012), according to StatCounter, Chrome controls 34.21% of the desktop browser market, making it the most popular web browser in the world. More people are now using Chrome to browse the Web from their computer desktops than are using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

And yet, the two most recent versions of Google Chrome — 22.0.1229.92 and 22.0.1229.94 — don’t work with Shockwave Flash! Chrome users have been experiencing crashes with web pages that contain Flash content for over two weeks now, and Google has yet to fix the problem. Do you have any idea how many websites are still using Flash? The whole world hasn’t moved to HTML5 yet, folks. Flash support is still among the most basic must-have functionality for a desktop web browser. That Google would ship a product without this basic functionality, and then leave it that way for weeks, is just mind-boggling.

What’s next, failure to support JavaScript?

What’s Google’s problem here, readers? Are they simply too popular to give a damn? This is just beyond ridiculous. Do they want everybody to go back to Firefox?

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