31 Aug 2013

More on Al Jazeera America

Posted by dumpendebat

A couple of helpful commenters on my previous post pointed out that we in America can still access Al Jazeera English on the Web, just not via the main URL. I bookmarked http://www.aljazeera.com/news/africa/ to take me straight to the Africa News page, and it works fine. I can navigate around the website from there and read whatever I want. I still can’t watch video content, but that’s OK.

Since I don’t have cable TV, I can’t really judge how well Al Jazeera America is working out. It hasn’t become one of my go-to news sources on the Web, but I will keep an eye on it, as I do think it could be a very valuable resource, a good alternative voice on the US media landscape.

I know a lot of Americans think Al Jazeera is hopelessly biased; some think it’s extremely left-wing, some think it’s a mouthpiece for radical Islam, and some think both of those things simultaneously (the human brain is pretty amazing). But our alternatives here in the States are either Beltway-consensus bullshit heavily admixed with celebrity gossip and other vapid brain-candy (CNN, NBC News, CBS News, etc, etc), or openly biased tendentious partisan garbage (Fox News, MSNBC, talk radio, the political Web), and I wish Al Jazeera America success.

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2 Responses to “More on Al Jazeera America”

  1. Have you ever tried the Christian Science Monitor? By all accounts I’ve heard, they are among the most – if not THE most – objective team in the game. Despite the name, it is not actually a religious publication. I feel the need to state that I am casting no aspersions toward the religious or non-religious; just stating the facts as I see ’em.



  2. Yes, the Christian Science Monitor is a good paper. Their international coverage is excellent.



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