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A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?


Bob Somerby said it on July 2nd about a different guest columnist, and now I’m saying it too: we’re being punished for having complained in the past about the execrable Maureen Dowd. You think Maureen’s bad? say the editors. We’ll show you bad.

This column, another fill-in while Maureen’s on book leave, is some painfully vapid and self-absorbed stuff:

It’s not just the New York subway map I think of as a refrigerator door plastered with loved ones’ snapshots. The Richmond BART line in California is Eli heading home to Berkeley; the orange line on the Washington Metro is Carson, reading her son a bedtime story in Arlington; the purple line in Paris is David, who moved there so he could smoke.

When I woke up on Thursday and turned on the radio to news of the London bus and tube bombings, the announcer said, “Piccadilly Line,” but in my head it’s just called “Nick.”

I know all that sounds mushy. I get like that when 50 people are murdered, and sappier still when one of them may be the guy I think of as my own private Churchill. (I’m getting used to this selfishness. As with Oklahoma City and New York and the tsunami, my first thought was to hope that my friends and family weren’t among the victims, which is to hope that others’ loved ones were.)

Isn’t it impressive how many friends she’s got? Whenever tragedy befalls anyone on the globe, this vapid young Manhattanite bethinks herself immediately of her social network. She’s “getting used to this selfishness.”

Look, this kind of stuff is A-OK for your blog, but does this deserve to be printed on the most influential op-ed page in the United States?

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