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Depraved and Repellent

Brian Leiter has weighed in with the best blog post I’ve seen thus far on the subject of John Roberts’ nomination to the US Supreme Court:

… But if, on the off chance my anecdotal sense is correct, then an Associate Justice Roberts of the U.S. Supreme Court may still sometimes side with the values of freedom and democracy against the encroachments of grinning apologists for tyranny. That is about the most optimistic diagnosis I can muster, though I can not, on the evidence before us, offer it with confidence.

Of course, he should not be confirmed. He should not be confirmed because on a range of issues the U.S. Supreme Court is unavoidably a super-legislature, and one should not vote to confirm someone whose moral and political views are, on many of these issues, likely to be depraved and repellent. (If we had meaningful confirmation hearings, we would find out what those moral and political views actually are in some detail. Recall the remarks of Judge Posner.) But this honest discussion will not be had in America in the year 2005, so there is no point in dwelling on it.

On the Right, a contrarian voice of pessimism is coming, surprisingly, from the depraved and repellent Ann Coulter, whose latest diatribe is rapidly making the rounds of the political Internet. She fears Roberts may, however improbably, turn out to be some kind of secret lefty.

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  1. Hank Dagny:

    Liberals in a state of panic PROVES that liberals NEED a liberal Supreme Court to get any of their socialism past the voters.
    It is clear cut evidence that liberals must bypass the voters and re-write the Constitution - in order to get their policies enacted.
    Supreme Court judge appointments used to not make a ripple in a news day. Now - an appointment is a matter of liberal survival.
    Just take a deep breath and think about that as you watch Democrats have spasms over a judge selection.
    It speaks volumes to anyone with an open mind. One side wants the Constitution interpreted - the other wants it changed unconstitutionally from the bench. It is not anymore complicated than that.

  2. Rob G.:

    Did I miss an Amendment to the Constitution that took the power to pick US Supreme Court Justices from the President and gave it to the US Senate? It must have been since Ginsburg and Breyer were picked by President Clinton. I thought the Senate’s roll was to make sure the nominee was qualified legally (which obviously is not a problem with Roberts). The people spoke, now we have to live with it until 2008 when we can do something about it.

  3. dumpendebat:

    The President does not have the absolute right to have his nominees approved. The Senate is not a rubber stamp. It’s quixotic to imagine that politics could somehow play no role in the approval process.

    However, Rob G. has made a very good point indeed: The American voters knew what was at stake last year, and they allowed John Kerry’s “haughty French looks,” the vicious lies of the execrable “Swift Boat Vets For Truth,” and their mystical belief in President Bush’s manly conduct in the Global War on Terror to trump all other considerations. They went on ahead and re-elected President Bush, knowing full well that he’d be getting the chance to nominate at least two people for the Supreme Court in his second term of office.

    But that doesn’t mean Roberts’ views are not “likely to be depraved and repellent,” and it doesn’t mean he deserves to be a Supreme Court justice. I know it’s going to happen anyways, but I don’t have to like it.

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