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Liberal Snark

Michelle Malkin’s pretty pissed about a very stupid article that appeared in the Style section of today’s Post. The article, by Robin Givhan, made fun of Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, and his family, for wearing pastel colors and looking clean-cut. Make no mistake, it was a stupid, snarky article, all too sadly characteristic of the utter fluff for which the Post is so often responsible.

But Michelle seems to think that deeply stupid, snarky Style pieces only happen to Republicans. You know, that wicked Liberal Media. The left-wing Emm Ess Emm. And she’s guilty, as usual, of more than just a little hyperbole and overreaction here:

Well, today’s conservative-bashing Style commentary sinks to the lowest low. The piece, “An Image A Little Too Carefully Coordinated,” attacks the wife and children of SCOTUS nominee John Roberts for the neatness of their clothes…

For God’s sake, a mother and her children just wanted to look nice for the most historic moment in her husband and their daddy’s life–and the Style attack dogs turn it into an opportunity to sneer at and dump on a loving family. Read the whole thing if you can stomach it.

Readers, I did, and I couldn’t stomach it. Tears the size of horseturds rolled down my face as I thought about how those “jerks” “dumped on a loving family.” All in the name of Liberalism.

Michelle apparently didn’t have time to read the Style section on 29 July 2004, when the same liberal bitchqueen Givhan wrote a similar snark piece that ripped conservative Republican John Kerry a new one for looking silly in that light-blue NASA jumpsuit.

Why does the Post print garbage like Givhan’s vapid crap? Your guess is about as good as mine, but it ain’t “liberal bias.” Despite what Malkin wants you to think, with her handy links to Brent Bozell’s loony-tune bullshit factory, Givhan hates everybody, not just Republicans.

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