Dum Pendebat Filius

A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?


I just upgraded my WordPress software (the blogging platform that “powers” this site) from to 1.5.2. If you see something wacky or something that looks “broken” (other than my prose style or my reasoning skills, that is), please let me know.

Filed under: Siteinfo by dumpendebat at 2005/10/01 - 10:32


  1. Porter Bessinger:

    Looking forward to the improvements.

  2. dumpendebat:

    There will be no visible improvements, alas. It’s all “behind the scenes” stuff. 1.5.2 is a bugfix/security-fix release.

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