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Burial on the back pages

Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush:

Methinks the MSM is preparing to bury the story of the Iraq vote in the back pages

Washington Post, Sunday 16 October 2005, Page A1:

  • “Sunni Turnout Is High In Vote on Iraqi Charter”
  • “In a Sunni Quarter, A Day of Emotion”

New York Times, Sunday 16 October 2005, front page:

  • “Turnout Is Mixed as Iraqis Cast Votes on Constitution”
  • “Two Sides of the Sunni Vote: Deserted Polls and Long Lines”

Somebody’s a little bit thirsty. Faux outrage at the “MSM” really gets you parched. Wouldn’t a nice cold drink hit the spot, readers?

Boiled down, it looks as though turnout was good and that the Constitution is heading for approval. We can expect, therefore, little or no mention of it in the news over the next couple days. Taking one thing with another, I figure that we’re in for a surge in Rove stories because that (a) isn’t about Iraq and (b) feeds into MSM wet-dreams about an indictment of someone, anyone, in the Bush Administration. For those of us in the real world, however, I think we’re in for a great day in human history.

Kool-Aid ManBack in January there were more than 100 terrorist attacks during the voting…today there were about 5. Obviously, American and Iraqi forces learned lessons from January and the preparations for today were even better than before, but this was “it”. This was the day the terrorists had to prove they were the stronger. They failed.

Now, if the MSM would just pull out of Iraq altogether, I think we’d largely see the end of terrorism there…they are playing it up for the cameras, boys and girls, and for the anti-Bush spin the MSM puts on all Iraq news.

Yep, it’s all about the “anti-Bush spin.” The key to winning the war on terror? Get rid of the press.

Oh, yeaahh!

(link via Dadahead)

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  1. lycfyg-LQ:

    Getting rid of the treasonous left wing MSMAP is a real good idea.

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