20 Oct 2005

The War on Christmas

Posted by dumpendebat

John Gibson

John Gibson


Christ (the reason for the season)


Santa (a right jolly old elf)

Nasty left-wingers like me, we’re anti-Christmas, and we’ve got a conspiracy to subvert Christmas, that most sacred holiday.

That is the gravamen of a new “book” by Fox News star John Gibson.

Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Christmas. It’s the secularization of America’s favorite holiday and the ever-stronger push toward a neutered “holiday” season so that non-Christians won’t be even the slightest bit offended.

Traditionalists get upset when they’re told—more and more these days—that celebrating Christmas in any public way is a violation of church and state separation. That is certainly not what the founders intended when they wrote, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

John Gibson, a popular anchor for the Fox News Channel, has been digging up evidence about the liberal activists, lawyers, politicians, educators, and media people who are leading the war on Christmas. And he reveals that the situation is worse than you can imagine. For instance:

– In Illinois, state government workers were forbidden from saying the words “Merry Christmas” while at work
– In Rhode Island, local officials banned Christians from participating in a public project to decorate the lawn of City Hall
– A New Jersey school banned even instrumental versions of traditional Christmas carols
– Arizona school officials ruled it unconstitutional for a student to make any reference to the religious history of Christmas in a class project

Millions of Americans are starting to fight back against the secularist forces and against local officials who would rather surrender than be seen as politically incorrect. Gibson shows readers how they can help save Christmas from being twisted beyond recognition, with even the slightest reference to Jesus completely disappearing.

The annual debate will be hotter than ever in 2005, and this book will be perfect for everyone who’s pro-Christmas.

Yes, this is a real problem we should all be concerned about: the fucking Left-Wing Liberal Elite’s dirty commie War on Christmas. It’s such a menacing crisis that some assclown actually took the time to write a book about it.

(link via The Liberal Avenger)

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6 Responses to “The War on Christmas”

  1. Bastards like Gibson are the worst sort of dissemblers. Over zealous Christ-mass-ers are usually both silly and shameless phonies. His book should sell well.



  2. 1. If there’s no problem, why address it here? The fact that it’s being discussed in this forum says that it merits attention and that it is important.
    2. Nothing stated in this post counters what Gibson’s saying.
    3. Denigrating about other people as bastards, Christ-mass-ers, silly, shameles, and phonies says little about the issue. It’s a weak way to approach any argument and it will do nothing to sway opinion.



  3. 1. Why address it here? Because I want to. This book is deeply stupid and deserves to be made fun of and have scorn heaped upon it. So does John Gibson.

    2. (a) Am I required to counter what Gibson’s saying? (b) The idea of a Left-driven “War on Christmas” is prima facie absurd. Does it need to be taken seriously or something?

    3. No one who’s capable of taking Gibson’s “War” seriously in the first place is going to be swayed by a nice, rational argument about why it’s not true that a bunch of Godless Commie Elite Liberals hate Christmas and are “waging a war” on it.



  4. 1. Why is this book deeply stupid? On what basis are you saying that? Give facts.

    2. a.) Yes, you are required to counter it if you want readers to believe your argument. b.) You’ve offered nothing that shows Gibson’s argument is absurd, prima facie or otherwise. There are many instances in history where a religion or other social movement has been attacked. Is this another instance? How would one know? Should a reader assume the idea that this is happening now be considered absurd because you say it is? Offer something to counter Gibson’s argument. He is arguing that it’s under attack, and he’s given instances that he believes supports his case. What are you offering to counter his assertions?

    3. Do you know everyone? Can one speak on everyone’s behalf? I don’t think one can. Don’t paint people into a corner on this one. Some conservatives may think Gibson’s argument isn’t accurate. Others may support him. But both may be reading this blog.

    Pound the facts, not the table.



  5. You’re free to believe what you like. If you want to take this seriously, no one is standing in your way.

    I’ll pound the table if it pleases me to do so.



  6. By the way, I’m not angry; I simply don’t even see this “War on Christmas” as a subject with any claims to serious treatment. I don’t think it deserves a serious rebuttal, and I don’t care if I change anyone’s mind about it.

    I know you’re just trying to keep me honest here, and if we were talking about something other than “The War on Christmas,” I’d feel more obligated to do what you’re saying I should do. Maybe you could just cut me some slack on this one.

    Sometimes blog entries are composed and posted hastily. Sometimes I’m lazy. But quod scripsi scripsi.



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