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Sunday MP3s - Meat Beat Manifesto

We’re approaching the end of the month, and I’ve got bandwidth to burn, baby. That means more MP3s for you, readers!

Here’s some Meat Beat Manifesto for you. This is the four-part version of “Reanimator,” from the amazing 1989 LP “Storm the Studio” (available on CD: TVT 7266). “Storm the Studio” kicks so much butt it isn’t even funny. Impossible to classify: techno? industrial? Neither of those, but definitely some of both, clearly heavily influenced by dub reggae and hip-hop as well. Good, good stuff, readers.

1. Reanimator - Part 1 (5.60 MB, 06:06)
2. Reanimator - Part 2 (3.79 MB, 04:08)
3. Reanimator - Part 3 (5.05 MB, 05:30)
4. Reanimator - Part 4 (3.71 MB, 04:03)

And here is another version of “Reanimator,” this one from 1990’s “Armed Audio Warfare” (available on Mute CD 9002-2):

5. Reanimator (3.85 MB, 04:12)

And one more track from “Armed Audio Warfare,” just because it rocks:

6. Repulsion (3.17 MB, 03:27)


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