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Saturday MP3s - Heavyweight Breaks

You haven’t gotten any MP3s in a long time, readers, so it’s high time I rectified that omission.

What’s going on these days in the world of “breakbeat”? A couple years ago, some sub-subgenre called “Tampa Breaks” seemed to be very popular. I tried some of it and wasn’t very impressed.

Recently, I came across a new CD, a compilation called “Heavyweight Breaks Vol. 3,” on a UK label called Supercharged Music. Something about it told me it might be worth looking into, so I picked it up. It turned out to be a good choice, exceeding my modest expectations. The whole compilation is surprisingly enjoyable.

If this stuff is representative of the current state of breakbeat, there’s plenty of life left in the genre. Here are a few tracks for you to try out.

Note: The tracks on this album overlap, as it’s a continuous DJ mix, so these sample tracks start and end abruptly. If you like what you hear, I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of the CD (SCMCD03) and enjoy it the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. This stuff is pretty ill.

1. “The Bump N Grind” — Friendly (4.64 MB, 05:04) Enjoyable.
2. “Party People” — Christian J and Dylan Rhymes (3.74 MB, 04:04) Also enjoyable.
3. “Carpet Muncha” — Deep Impact (4.55 MB, 04:58) Amazing track; kicks a lot of butt. This is breakbeat the way it ought to be.
4. “Sound Check (DJ Quest/DJ Mutiny Remix)” — Krafty Kuts and Skool of Thought (4.10 MB, 04:28) Nice.
5. “Gravel Muncha (Distortionz Remix)” — DJ Quest (4.50 MB, 04:55) Slick stuff.

Enjoy, readers.

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