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Meathead vilified, Libby vindicated

1. “Pscyho-Hollywood”

Here’s an eructation from “David’s Blog,” in its entirety, misspellings and hyperlinks inclusive:

Kool-Aid ManPscyho-Hollywood: Rob Reiner

“To send people off to die for a lie–I swear I never thought I’d see that again my lifetime. We went through it in Vietnam. To me, it’s the most unconscionable thing you can do.” Thus spake Rob Reiner to this Sunday’s New York Times. Actually Rob, we went to war in Vietnam, actually in Indo-China, to save South Vietnam and Cambodia from conquest by Communist forces backed by the Soviets and the Chinese. We failed thanks to people like you. Between two and three millions poor Indo-Chinese in both countries were slaughtered as a result of what you and others (myself included) did, and the peoples of both countries have lived under oppressive and poverty-producing regimes ever since. We did not go to Iraq for a lie except in the perverse minds of liars like yourself. And the most unconscionable thing you can do, is to oppose the overthrow of a mass murderer like Saddam Hussein and aid and abet terrorists like the Zarqawi forces. You are an idiot, which is a forgivable offerense. But you are also arrogant and a Hollywood airhead, which is not.

How is it possible to pack that much wingnuttery into one paragraph, readers? Horowitz alone is capable of such feats. But there’s another guy whose capacity for Kool-Aid consumption is also admirable:

2. “I’ve long held that the CIA should be abolished.”

Mark Noonan is good with those talking points and looney-tunes rogue-CIA conspiracy theories:

Kool-Aid ManWith the revelation that Bob Woodward knew Valerie Plame was CIA employee prior to the date Libby could possibly have told anyone about it, the entire case against Libby collapses. It may be a while before Fitzgerald drops the matter, but Libby is out of the woods [...]

This whole thing was fueled by the left’s overwhelming desire to impeach President Bush. It was shortly after the Plame kerfuffle errupted that it was proven quite conclusively that Plame could not have been a covert CIA agent, and thus the statutes protecting covert identity didn’t apply…and yet the matter was referred to Justice for criminal investigation, even though - come on, people; let’s be honest here - even if Plame’s name really were leaked, it wasn’t exactly the only leak at CIA that day…or, indeed, that minute. Sieves leak less than the CIA does [...]

I’ve long held that the CIA should be abolished. Political and economic intelligence should be collected by State, military intelligence by Defense…with the National Security Advisor and staff then distilling the information into useable data for decision makers. Covert operations, if necessary, can easily be carried out by our varied and excellent military special forces units. [...]

Crazy guyIn the Plame affair, my read on it is that Plame (who has a history of supporting liberal Democratic causes), and others at CIA, was determined to discredit Administration efforts to build a case for the liberation of Iraq. As part of this effort, Plame managed to get her husband - who is entirely unqualified in the matter of determining if Saddam was seeking uranium - off on a trip to Niger with the idea that he would “prove” that Saddam hadn’t attempted to obtain uranium. After spending a couple weeks worthlessly wandering around Niger, Plame’s husband comes home, give his oral report to CIA…and then lies about what he found in the New York Times.

The rogue CIA, bastion of Left-Wing Intrigue, must go. State and DOD will pick up the slack. Who needs a Central Intelligence Agency, anyways?

What planet do these people live on?

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  1. lycfyg-LQ:

    Rob Reiner is a traitor - as is the rest of the left. The left’s policies towards conflicts and aggression have failed every time they are tried - yet they persist with it. WHY? Unless they want the United States eliminated, you would think they would re-evaluate their solutions.
    Alas, they do not.
    Conclusion - Traitors or mental defect.
    Pick one or both liberals.

  2. David:

    lycfyg - I get that you don’t like liberals and I’m aware of the fact that you spend a lot of time trolling, but I’m wondering why you you’re silent about Noonan’s and “David’s” comments. Should we take your silence to mean you support their statements?
    I mean, I know you like to say you’re a libertarian or a constitutionalist or whatever, but you never seem to have the time or inclination to make ANY criticisms of the right.

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