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Idea: HP-UX merging with Solaris

Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy is openly proposing the idea of merging Sun’s operating system (Solaris) with HP’s brand of Unix (HP-UX).

I’ll go ahead and admit it, readers: this idea excites me. From a business standpoint, I have no idea if this idea makes sense or not. Who cares? From a technical standpoint, I think this would be the coolest fucking thing since sliced bread. A 64-bit operating system that combined the best features of HP-UX and Solaris would kick so much ass, it wouldn’t even be funny.

(via OSNews)

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  1. The Liberal Avenger:

    I learned Unix in an HP-UX environment and worked with it constantly day-in and day-out for a good 6 years in the 90s. Fucking brilliant.

    An HP-UX/Solaris hybrid would rule.

  2. dumpendebat:

    HP-UX and Solaris are both the bomb, as far as I’m concerned. I’m working a lot with RHEL these days and not particularly liking it much; Unix is Unix, but the philosophical appeal of the GPL and having access to the kernel source code doesn’t help me much when I’m trying to get a system built and running, on a deadline. I’d rather have an operating system that gets along fine with my hardware, without me spending hours on Google and combing through the archives of various forums and mailing lists trying to track down obscure “known issues” and “workarounds” with kernel release X, driver Y, and device Z. And don’t even get me started on Red Hat RPM-dependency hell. I’ve spent a lot of time there, too.

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