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County funds lost to Nigerian scam

How is it, readers, that people are still falling for these Nigerian email scams? Never mind the high amounts of greed and gullibility it would take to fall for one of these scams in the first place, who by now hasn’t heard about them? Who doesn’t get one in their inbox every couple of days?

One recent victim was the treasurer of Alcona County, MI.

The longtime treasurer of Alcona County was accused Wednesday in an embezzlement scheme in which he may have served as both perpetrator and victim, sending up to $1.25 million in county funds and his own life savings to con artists after falling for one of the notorious online Nigerian banking frauds.

Thomas Katona, 56, of Harrisville was charged with nine felonies, including embezzlement and fraud, after a monthlong investigation by state authorities of numerous unauthorized wire transfers he allegedly made of county funds to overseas bank accounts.

(via Obscure Store and Reading Room)

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