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A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?

Relax, it’s all a liberal hoax

Remember, readers, if it ever gets cold anywhere on the planet, that means that “global warming” is just a big, dumb liberal lie. Yes, it’s that simple. What global warming?

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  1. Stram:

    I actually thought of that very same thing earlier this afternoon. This winter has been extremely mild, with many part of the Midwest and East having no snow for Christmas. Temperature have been way above normal. But you have 3 days of cold that isn’t even below normal, and out come the same old tired-ass comments about global warming conspiracies.

  2. Stram:

    I think my ’s’ key is broken

  3. Stram:

    Well Mr. Filius, where’s Hank? I’m afraid he may be all sparred out.

    He hasn’t been back in over a week now. Unless, of course, you count the mysterious ‘lq reader’.

  4. dumpendebat:

    Oh, Hank Dagny hasn’t gone anywhere. As soon as he reads something here that really makes him angry, he will be quick to let me know. I have never seen someone less shy than Hank Dagny, even on the Internet.

  5. dumpendebat:

    It’s been cold here in Western Pennsylvania for days now. I guess this is definitive proof that Al Gore is a liar (and, of course, let’s not forget how fat Michael Moore is).

  6. Ziem:

    Well Stram, it looks like Dumpendebat has yet to see the likes of BRT, Aileron, Dana or Prom yet. Which, is definately a good thing!

    Back on thread…
    I ran into a well dressed woman at the grocery store. We were standing in line at the checkout and she was reading a paper in back of me. She taps my sholder and points at the article she was reading. “See!” She demanded, “It’s snowing in Phoenix, AZ!” I nod, she continued, “That Al Gore. I always thought he was smart, now look at him, feeding into all that liberal propaganda!”
    Needless to say, my poor husband tried to shove me in front of him. He agrees with me and my political views, he just gets embarrassed when I shout them out in public. Instead, I reached into my purse, pulled out a paper and pen and jotted down a couple of web sites I thought she should see. She thanked me. My husband and I finished checking out and left.
    For some odd reason, I got flowers and taken out to dinner that night.

  7. dumpendebat:

    No, the right-wing trolls from Liberal Avenger haven’t ever come over here. My only right-wing commenters come from Liberal Quicksand, where I am proud to be listed as a “Useful Idiot.”

    Back on topic: Do people really think that if it ever gets cold anywhere, that proves “global warming is a hoax”? I mean, that’s stupidity on the level of “If evolution is true, why are there still monkeys?

    I know that sometimes people are kidding around when it gets cold and they say, “So much for ‘global warming.’” But I still have trouble believing that some people who say that actually mean it; they’re being serious. Good Lord.

  8. Ziem:

    The uninformed scare me more the the deniers. This woman looked well educated. Must have been in travel and tourism, eh?

    Back off thread, sorry. I blog rolled you, I hope that’s okay.

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