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Ejaculatio praecox

CNN is now officially claiming to have “debunked” the deeply silly story about Barack Obama’s troubling Childhood of Radical Islam. The story, which you will all have certainly heard about (if you’ve been out of the country for the last few days, you can find the sordid tale at Insight Magazine, whose website seems to be down, most likely due to a Slashdot effect of sorts, at the moment; this slimy story is sure to be the biggest event in the history of Insight Magazine, whose Web servers have surely never seen the kind of traffic they’re getting right now; you can also see the story at ThinkProgress), was pure political pornography, some real sleaze.

The debunking: CNN has talked to the headmaster of the school in question, who says unequivocally that the school is not a Muslim “madrassa” (i.e. a school with a curriculum of Muslim theology, specifically fundamentalist and/or Wahhabist in nature), and that it was not a “madrassa” at the time Barack Obama went there.

What I personally found remarkable about this nasty smear job (which, due to its being attributed to Hillary Clinton, made it a real double whammy), is that it happened already, in January 2007. Barack Obama hasn’t even officially filed as a presidential candidate with the FEC yet (nor, for that matter, has Hillary). So why was this sleazy political porn put out there so very early? With the amount of latent and overt hysteria in the air these days over Scary Muslims, it seems the “Barack Hussein Osama/Obama is a Closet Muslim, and Thus a Probable Terrorist Sympathizer, If Not Worse” meme has got nowhere left to go. The wankers have surely reached their Scary Muslim climax, and now they’ve got nothing but a sticky mess to clean up. Where can they take it from here?

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  1. Stram:

    Steve Dooche

    “financed by Saudis”

    Sort of like the Bush family?

    And Mr. Filius, you didn’t fall for the ‘Hillary did it’, prank, did you?

  2. dumpendebat:

    It was hard to tell which aspect of it was sillier, the idea that Barack Obama had childhood training in some scary Islamofascist Madrassa, or the idea that this ridiculous ugly smear was coming out of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

  3. vince foster:

    who else could it of been but Hillary, you guys are f—king idiots

  4. Ziem:

    Looks like vinnie up there doesn’t do the link thingies.

    This is just typical, with one lie they attempt to hurt the two dem front runners. It’ll be their own stupidity and their own lack of morals and ethics that will do them in. Come on 2008!

  5. Stram:

    Mr. Filius, did you notice Hank (or maybe it’s his ‘webmaster’) likes to comment now in camouflage?

    I think you would define that as, ‘praecox testiculus’.

  6. osama:


  7. dumpendebat:

    Yes, we’ve got a new wingnut troll!

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