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Dirty tricks in Illinois

Crazy Pammy wants to know who’s responsible for a smear website called ObamaTruth.org. She claims it “wreaks [sic] of Clinton dirty pool… They mean to destroy Barak [sic] Obama.” (She also, en passant, makes a bid for Bizarro World Claim of the Month: “They [the Clintons] invented the politics of personal destruction.”)

Well, it’s not particularly hard to use a WHOIS tool. If you look up obamatruth.org, you get this:

Domain ID:D134552973-LROR
Created On:08-Dec-2006 00:03:23 UTC
Last Updated On:08-Dec-2006 00:03:58 UTC
Expiration Date:08-Dec-2007 00:03:23 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Go Daddy Software, Inc. (R91-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-025852593
Registrant Name:Joe Novak
Registrant Street1:532 Circle Avenue
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Forest Park
Registrant State/Province:Illinois
Registrant Postal Code:60130
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.7083517390
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Registrant Email:[email protected]

Google “joe novak illinois” and you’ll find that there’s a Joe Novak, known as “Low Blow Joe,” who is apparently famous for political dirty tricks. Further research is up to you, readers.

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  1. Stram:

    Absolutely wonderful job, Mr. Filius! Seriously, excellent! You should definitely send this information to Think Progress and Media Matters, and I don’t mean later, but now!

    You should probably send it to your schizophrenic buddy Hank, too, after his comment “who else could it of been but Hillary, you guys are f—king idiots”–Oh that’s right, it wasn’t Hank, it was ‘vince foster’. I thought it was ironic that ‘vince foster’ was commenting over at Hanks’ about Hilaryry killing Vince. Did you know she ran crack houses and murdered up to 100 people while she was living in Arkansas, too? That’s what schizophrenic lying fools like Hank and his sidekicks obviously will tell you.

    Seriously, Filius, Fox and Insight are still trying to agrue with CNN, TP and MM (CNN also proved it was bullshit) so they may very welcome your info.

    Nice job

  2. dumpendebat:

    No, dude, a WHOIS search is the first thing anyone would do. One of the commenters at Crazy Pammy’s site did it immediately.

    She’s now claiming, in an update to her post, that someone has “traced ObamaTruth.org to San Antoine [sic], Texas.” She links to a Google Map of an address in San Antonio. But she does not explain how the smear site was “traced” to that address.

    There is a very strong scent of Weird coming off the whole thing.

  3. dumpendebat:

    By the way, Hank Dagny is not the one who left comments here as “osama” and “vince foster.” For one thing, I simply know he wouldn’t do that, as it’s not his style. He takes credit for his own comments; I think I know him well enough to say that.

    (Also, those comments came from a totally different IP address than his comments do, if I needed empirical proof.)

    No, periodically some random wingnut will find his way here and spend a few days leaving juvenile and/or obscene comments until he gets tired of it and finds some other Liberal Traitor to harass. That’s what passes for Big Fun on these internets.

  4. Stram:

    Yeah, I don’t mean to accuse some one I know absolutley nothing about of doing something like that. I’m only jerking a chain.

    He’s probably an all right guy - he’s just a little dumb and confused.

    As for the IP address, I mistakenly thought that the source to the original story from Insightmag.com was exposed. That’s what needs to be tracked down so Hillary doesn’t get indicted for those 100 murders in Arkansas.

  5. dumpendebat:

    I, too, would love to know who was behind that slimy “Barack Obama’s Radical Islamic Childhood” tale. Only Insight Mag knows that, though, and they’re not telling.

    Crazy Pammy and her readers got tired of ObamaTruth.org almost immediately and moved on to more urgent matters, such as “Islamic Teachings on Sex with Infants and Animals” (no, I’m not making that up).

  6. ziem:

    You do know what all of this means, right?

    The other side is shaking in their shoes. Slam one - blame the other and hopefully knock out two dems who, without much of an effort, could be measuring the Lincoln bedroom for curtains.

    Excellent piece, btw.

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