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O.J. Links

O.J. has been on my mind lately. First it was Slate’s Timothy Noah and the “subjunctive tense” (see below). The subject of that Slate piece was a Newsweek article which summarized the controversial book chapter entitled “The Night In Question.”

If you haven’t seen it, and you’re interested, you should read James Wolcott’s review of the whole (ex-)book If I Did It. O.J. has apparently got another book deal in the works: see a second Timothy Noah article in which he says that “[a] book that no one should have protested [i.e. If I Did It] was shouted down, and the book that everyone should be protesting is raising nary a peep.”

I still remember exactly where I was on the morning of 3 October 1995 when the O.J. verdict was finally announced: I happened to be, of all places, in a waiting room at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. What about you, readers?

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  1. Hanque:

    In my apartment in Austin, TX about to go to school.

  2. Rob G:

    I went home for lunch just to hear the verdict. Still can’t believe what I heard that day and all the people celebrating the verdict.

    Hanque - you get any of my e-mails?

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