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Shock and delight

Once again, Ann Coulter decided that the CPAC was the perfect opportunity to drop a bombshell:

“I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I — so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards,” Ann Coulter said today at CPAC. Her audience seemed to to evince both shock and delight.

As I’ve written before, Ann Coulter’s got the same problem that Tom Green has: when your entire shtick revolves around constantly getting edgier, you end up with nowhere left to go.

Look at Coulter’s latest column. It’s ostensibly an attack on Hypocrite Al Gore And His Huge Electric Bill, but look at some of the lunatic assertions she builds around that basic theme:

  • “Liberals want mass starvation and human devastation.”
  • Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge “want us to starve the productive sector of fossil fuel and allow the world’s factories to grind to a halt.
  • “Liberals are already comfortably ensconced in their beachfront estates, which they expect to be unaffected by their negative growth prescriptions for the rest of us.”
  • “Liberals have always had a thing about eliminating humans.” (Stalin and Hitler are two of the five “liberals” she goes on to specifically cite by name.)
  • “‘Global warming’ is the liberals’ stalking horse for their ultimate fantasy: The whole U.S. will look like Amagansett, with no one living in it except their even-tempered maids (for ‘diversity’), themselves and their coterie (all, presumably, living in solar-heated mansions, except the maids who will do without electricity altogether). The entire fuel-guzzling, tacky, beer-drinking, NASCAR-watching middle class with their over-large families will simply have to die.

“Liberals” (which is a term Coulter uses synonymously and interchangeably with “Democrats” and “leftists,” and a rubric which is broad enough to comfortably include both singer Melissa Etheridge and Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler), all of whom are “ensconced in their beachfront estates,” literally want the “entire… middle class” to die.

Once your rhetoric has gotten to this point, a profoundly creepy combination of rings-of-Saturn wackiness and insensate vitriol, where else is there to go?

As Glenn Greenwald was quick to point out, Ann Coulter is not some anonymous commenter in the depths of a comment thread on some weblog, she’s a major political commentator with a nationwide audience and is taken seriously by Republican politicians and the national news media.

Days after telling her national audience in her syndicated column that “liberals” such as Al Gore and singer Melissa Etheridge “have always had a thing about eliminating humans” and wish to eliminate the entire American middle class, she called one of the Democratic presidential candidates a “faggot.” Is there anything this woman cannot say with impunity? Even Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh sometimes get themselves into trouble when their mouths get ahead of them.

== UPDATE 2007/03/03 02:25 ==

Andrew Sullivan was, understandably, not amused at all. He didn’t think it was a big deal last July when Coulter called Al Gore a “total fag,” but he says being in the audience at CPAC, surrounded by people cheering while she jeered on stage at a so-called “faggot,” left him “a lot less complacent.”

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  1. Stram:

    It’s amazing the stuff that comes out that woman’s mouth. And she has a front row seat with those on the right.

    Hitler a ‘liberal’. That’s probably the biggest oxymoron anyone could utter.

  2. Hank Dagny:

    What Coulter said was wrong. Just plain wrong.

  3. Stram:

    Okay Filius. Like a simple word puzzle, I can tell that the troll said, ‘What Coulter said was wrong. Just plain Wrong.’

    Is your disemvoweler set-up automatically?

    I think the troll is trying to make nice.

  4. dumpendebat:

    >I think the troll is trying to make nice.

    I think you’re right.

    OK. No more disemvoweling. The filters have been opened up.

  5. Hank Dagny:

    Not making nice.
    What Coulter said was ignorant and shows outright homophobia.
    But it doesn’t make her wrong on liberals.

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