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Straight talk (about NCAA hoops)

Picture of basketballYou love politics, right?

And you love the excitement of March Madness and NCAA hoops, right? (Well, who doesn’t?)

Now you can combine the two: just head on over to John McCain’s official campaign website and fill in your official John McCain 2008 NCAA Tournament bracket. You could even win some cool McCain 2008 gear!

(via TMZ.com)

Filed under: Political by dumpendebat at 2007/03/14 - 18:06


  1. Rob G:

    Thanks for the tip, but not willing to have my e-mail inbox full of McCain 2008 propganda everyday. Let me guess he picked Arizona to win it all.

  2. dumpendebat:

    Yeah, you can’t even look at his picks without giving them an email address.

    I’ve read that he has the four #1 seeds making it to the Final Four.

  3. Ziem:

    I’m crossing my fingers for Ohio.

    Even as an Az-ian, I would gag on McCain gear. ;o)

  4. dumpendebat:

    Welcome back, Ziem!

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