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Crazy Pammy Jumps the Shark

It starts out, as usual, with a long, refreshing drink of Wingnut Kool-Aid:

Picture of Kool-Aid ManMore blood, the wrong kind, on the Democrats hands. There are Iraqis fighting for their country, fighting the global scourge of jihad but the Democrats would rather slit their throats then see the Republicans succeed. Here is an article on Iraqi translators who literally put their lives on the line everyday to aid the American effort to free their country. We need to get them out. Of course, if you are not an illegal alien crossing over the border you will have no shot of emigrating. So let’s get these folks south of the border …………

[all spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. sic]

That was some paragraph! “Global scourge of jihad”? Check. Democrats want to lose the Iraq war/Global War on Terror, in order to harm the GOP politically? Check. Gratuituous swipe at “illegal aliens” and Mexicans (they’re the same thing, ┬┐no es verdad?)? Check. She’s reciting the wingnut liturgy. But it gets better, readers.

Just like the Fonz once did, Crazy Pammy straps on her waterskis, takes a deep breath, and gives the thumbs-up… the speedboat tows her right up to the ramp, and she shows us she’s made of stern enough stuff. Yes, she leaps right over that big, bad shark:

Picture of Fonz jumping the sharkNow, you might read this article and say this is not the dhimmicrats fault and I will say, WRONG. The Democrats have done nothing but undermine all of America’s great efforts in Iraq. Never once offering help, solutions, ……… gotz.They are the problem now. I no longer consider the Democrats Americans. Thye have become the party of CAIR and embrace extremist Muslims. They have aligned themselves with the enemies of America. In other words, like the jihad, they must be defeated.

[all spelling, punctuation, grammar sic; emphasis mine]

As of Monday, 26 March 2007, be it officially known: Crazy Pammy “no longer consider[s] the Democrats Americans.” Why? Because they “embrace extremist Muslims…. like the jihad [sic], they must be defeated.”

Blinking back tears of rage and pride (La rabbia e l’orgoglio), Crazy Pammy furnishes her readers with a hyperlink to a story about Iraqis who have helped us in Iraq by serving as translators to the US military, at great personal risk to themselves. Some of these translators would like to come to America to start a new life here (and they deserve to be able to do immediately). They are having a lot of trouble, though, with the red tape of US government bureaucracy and visa regulations.

Somehow, what this story says to Crazy Pammy is that those jihad-lovin’ “dhimmicrats” are responsible for these translators’ bureaucratic problems, and thus they (any American who fails to share Crazy Pammy’s pathological obsession with what she calls “The Global Jihad,” that is) “are the problem now” and “must be defeated.”

To Crazy Pammy, who finally jumped the shark today, it’s all “their fault,” not the fault of the Bush administration that started this bullshit war. Not the fault of the Bush administration that continues to send soldiers to get maimed and killed for no good reason. Not the Bush administration that denies them decent medical care when they come home, the government that keeps showering billions of dollars in no-bid contract money over their political cronies but still can’t manage to give soldiers proper body/vehicle armor. None of this is the Bush administration’s responsibility.

No, anything that goes wrong in Iraq, anything unpleasant about this wretched war, is somehow “blood on the Democrats (sic) hands.” Let’s get real here: although she’s just a bit too fucking coy to come out and say it, what she’s doing is helping to create and promulgate a modern-day Dolchsto├člegende.

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  1. RP:

    It’s uncanny the similarities today’s nut jobs–like those you regularly skewer–share with those of other far-right regimes in history. Imagine a cabal sitting down with a copy of Raul Hilberg’s THE DESTRUCTION OF EUROPEAN JEWS and picking through it to learn the tried and true techniques to destroy the enemies of today’s far-right ideologues. I hesitate to charge today’s nutters though with directly ripping off yesterday’s. I doubt they have studied enough history to recognize that they are repeating the shameful course of thugish regimes like the Nazis. Its probably just coincidental. Perhaps that is scarier because it says something nauseating about the human condition.

  2. Stram:

    Crazy Pam sounds like Hank Dagny with smaller tits.

  3. Karen:

    Poor Pammy. If she had done an ounce of research, she would find that, as has become par for the course in this war, our Republican leaders have subbed out the procurement of interpreters to private companies. These companies have taken no responsibility to insure the safety of the interpreters. Those who have been beaten up receive nothing from their US employers. They fear for their lives because cooperating with the US occupiers is viewed as treason. Too bad the arrogant right lacks the capacity for self-examination. They just might learn something for a change.

  4. Ziem:

    This is a tired, old argument meant to create a rift between the good guys (us) and well.. them.

    I love that “not want us to succeed..” line. These poor GI’s were sent into a country illegally, without proper equiptment, without a plan, without an exit stratagy, etc. They were set up by this administration to fail. They were sent there to further the income of Halliburton, Exxon and their ilk. Yet the right insists it’s all the Dems fault. Forests and trees dear, it’s all about the forests and trees.

  5. dumpendebat:

    Karen: I apologize for your comment taking so long to appear. It got caught by my spam-filter, which seems to look very skeptically at anything from wordpress.com. I just happened to notice and restore your legitimate comment.

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