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A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?

Muslim Terror, Written in the Kor(e)an

The Virginia Tech psycho killer was a Muslim, readers; en voici la preuve

Well, Ismail is indeed a Muslim and/or Arab name and, let’s face the awful truth, Korean is just one letter short from Koran.

A Secret Muslim. A Sudden Lone Jihadist. And the Left-Wing Liberal MSM knows this perfectly well, and they’re hiding it from us. They hate America, God, Mom and Apple Pie, and want The Terrorists to win, so they’re actively hiding the evidence that psycho killer Cho Seung-Hui was really a Muslim terrorist.

Now, that “Korean/Koran” quote above was a sarcastic joke, of course. But, frighteningly, hordes of Internet wingnuts have been taking this foolishness very seriously indeed. See Debbie Schlussel (aka “Costco Coulter”). See Crazy Pammy. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Even our good friend Dank Hagny and his collection of Internet sock puppets swear it’s so. The Internet has room for all the stupid in the world, readers.

(Austrolabe link via LGM)

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  1. ziem:

    How low can these wingnuts sink!? On second thought, don’t answer that.

    I had a Korean friend in college, he was Buddhist. Granted that’s not speaking for all Koreans but still - hanging out the terror alert sign? These bushies need a slap with a bit-o-reality.

  2. Stram:

    Filius, why do you think these weaklings are in such a hurry and so determined to blame it on Muslims?

    Would that make the 32 victims any less dead? No, but these wingnuts you mention would love to be able to justify how wrong they’ve been about Iraq.

    And, even if it would have turned out to be a Muslim and not an American kid of South Korean decent, it wouldn’t have been an Iraqi. There’s no record of Iraqis doing acts of terror against Americans. Never has been.

    But these fools have lost so much face and self esteem they are begging and hoping for another terrorist attack in this country. They hate America.

    They can’t wait.

  3. dumpendebat:

    What’s frightening is the thought that they do, in fact, hate America. They think it needs to be purified and made clean of “un-Americans” and “traitors” such as liberals, environmentalists, feminists, atheists, etc, etc.

    I suspect some of them really wouldn’t mind another 9/11 happening, as it would then give them an excuse to really go after the “traitors” they hate so much.

    America could be reborn, rising like a phoenix from those post-apocalyptic ashes, no longer encumbered by the “enemy within.”

  4. Stram:

    They want to strip America of practically everything. They loathe the country and its government and that’s why they tear the country apart every chance they get.

    Ronald Reagan began the mission to break the governments’ back and he, and the two Bush’s have racked up $9 trillion in debt in an attempt to strangle it through bankruptcy so they can start all over.

    They’ve done a helluva job.

  5. Stram:

    And as far as them and their ‘excuse to really go after the “traitors” they hate so much”, not a chance Filius.

    There’s far too many of us, way more than 50% of the military that would be on our side at this point.

    They’d better pack their fucking lunches!

  6. Vee:

    I think it is really pathetic that everyone is blaming muslims for everything that is going wrong with America. Did anyone ever think that this kid did this because he was messed up in the head and no one cared. In America, we are so wrapped up in our selves and our own lives, that we forget to lend a helping hand or just to be a friend to a troubled young man. So before we start pointing fingers at different religions and backgrounds, we need to look for the answer in our own country and try to solve it.

  7. hanumizzle:

    Most (South) Koreans subscribe to Theravada Buddhism, with some degree of local flavoring, or a brand of ultra-Christianity that would put Shit Romney’s folksy conservatism to shame.

    Islam is almost entirely unknown in that country.

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