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Early review of new DeLillo

If you’re interested, there’s an early review of Don DeLillo’s forthcoming novel Falling Man (which is scheduled to be released later this month) in the New York Sun.

You can keep an eye on the Falling Man Media Watch page at the Don DeLillo’s America site if you’re a big DeLillo fan like me.

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  1. Stram:

    Interesting title for a book that’s centered on 9/11.

    Falling man. We shouldn’t have ‘fallen’ after 9/11.

    We fell as a country because of miserable leadership that misused the entire World’s support for us after 9/11 and led us to where we are now at.

    Of course, we can’t entirely blame Bush since he had 79% of the weakest segment of our country merely bend over when he told them to.

    Thanks Filius-I’ll buy this book when it’s released.

  2. dumpendebat:

    I highly recommend Mao II (1991), a novel about terrorists and crowds.

    (Actually, I recommend all thirteen of his novels. I’ve waxed poetic about DeLillo on this site before.)

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