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Wingnut of the Week

Shorter Glenn Beck:

Nazi Al Gore, who wants to usher in the New World Order, is using “global warming” as an excuse to seize power, just like the Nazis did in the 1930s with their vilification of the Jews.

Yes, that’s what he said:

Picture of black helicoptersAnd I read this one part on global warming about how they got — what was the first thing they did to get people to exterminate the Jews. Now, I’m not saying that anybody’s going to — you know Al Gore’s not going to be rounding up Jews and exterminating them. It is the same tactic, however. The goal is different. The goal is globalization. The goal is global carbon tax. The goal is the United Nations running the world. That is the goal. Back in the 1930s, the goal was get rid of all of the Jews and have one global government.

You got to have an enemy to fight. And when you have an enemy to fight, then you can unite the entire world behind you, and you seize power. That was Hitler’s plan. His enemy: the Jew. Al Gore’s enemy, the U.N.’s enemy: global warming.

(via Media Matters, Orcinus)

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  1. hanumizzle:

    Um…the UN’s purpose was to avoid another World War though, right?

  2. dumpendebat:

    Well, yeah, but why let a simple fact like that get in the way of your wacky conspiracy theory?

  3. Stram:

    Give the asshole another TV show while they’re at it!

    The sad thing, Filius? People like Dank actually believe this shit.

  4. dumpendebat:

    It’s scary stuff, for several reasons.

    One of the problems is that when looney-tunes shit like this, which sounds like an outtake from a John Birch Society meeting, is presented with a straight face on a legitimate news outlet such as CNN, it enters the national discourse with a claim to seriousness which it really doesn’t deserve.

    This is part of what Dave Neiwert (Orcinus) calls the “transmission belt,” where wacky wingnut ideas (such as “Global Warming is a front for Nazi United-Nations Takeover of the World”) are transmitted from the fringes of the kooky-con right wing into the mainstream of American conservatism. This process of transmission is made even easier when big-time mainstream news organizations like CNN lend their imprimatur to wingnut tools like Glenn Beck.

    Wingnut All-Stars like Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Ann Coulter — all of them help to poison the national discourse by taking ideas that, in a sane world, would be relegated to the midnight campfire of an Aryan Nations meeting in the Idaho Panhandle, and injecting them into the mainstream of American political discussion.

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