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Tucker Carlson, Environmentalist

Tucker Carlson posed this question about Hypocritical Hitlery Klintoon and her gas-guzzlin’ airplane-flyin’ ways:

CARLSON: [Y]ou know as well as I that there is nothing that Hillary Clinton has a greater commitment to than our environment, this planet we live on, our island home. OK? Given that, her conspicuous use of private airplanes, really the most wasteful possible use of our finite carbon based resources, is pretty shocking.

According to the “New York Post,” just last week at the South Carolina debate, she flew on three private planes, three. At one point, they offered her a Gulf Stream II. She said, I don’t like the cabin configuration, I want a Gulf Stream III. Can you do stuff like this? Can you burn petroleum products as conspicuously as she does and still call yourself an environmentalist?

Well, Tucker, the answer is No. If she wants to call herself an environmentalist, she will have to campaign for President while riding a fucking bicycle around the country. Or maybe she should fucking hitch-hike. You know, like all the other candidates do.

This garbage is on MSNBC every night. CNN gives Glenn Beck his own show. Tell me some more about the MSM’s radical left-wing agenda, please.

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  1. Stram:

    I usually watch Hardball (although after the debate this week, that will be curtailed, too) which is immediately followed by ‘Tucker’, and it’s a personal challenge to me to always be able to hit the remote before Tucker completes his first word. I think it’s ‘good’, or goo or something. I’m not quite sure-I’m pretty good with the remote.

    I liked that bit of ‘righteous anger’ there too, Filius.

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