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Histroy and Geopgraphy Defeat Dhimmitude

As far as Crazy Pammy’s concerned, there is substantial joy in Mudville today, because Mighty Casey al-Akbar has struck out:

Responding to an outcry from parents, the city yesterday dropped plans to have a Brooklyn elementary school share its building with a new Arabic-language secondary school.

Education officials insisted the decision not to house the Khalil Gibran International Academy with PS 282 in Park Slope was logistical and unrelated to controversy surrounding the new school’s concept, which some critics had attacked as a disguise for radical Islam.

The officials said the Department of Education was still committed to opening the school.

The proposal had sparked a flurry of heated protests in recent weeks from the PS 282 community, which argued the academy would enlarge class sizes and force the closure of art rooms and science and computer labs.

David Cantor, press secretary to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, said it was determined that Khalil Gibran “would be detrimental to [PS 282's] core academic programs.”

News of the decision was greeted with a sigh of relief from parent leaders.

“The needs of a middle school are completely different from the needs of an elementary school, and we were going to have to give up a lot,” said Xiomara Fraser, co-president of the PTA. “It was about literally losing our school.”

The principal of Khalil Gibran, Debbie Almontaser, said the parents’ concerns were “valid” and that she was not disappointed with the outcome.

Crazy Pammy sees it as a victory over “dhimmitude.” Score one for the Crusaders, readers:

In what can only be called a stunning victory for life, liberty, democracy, and America - the opening of the public school madrassa was defeated. And while the DOE, tool extraordinaire of the leftist Islamist alliance, vows to continue to pursue such dhimmitude, we must stay vigiliant. If we know anything about the tactics of the left and Islamism, they never give up.

She’s upset that “the Department of Education [is] still committed to opening the school,” though:

Why? Why doesn’t the DOE concentrate on teaching math, histroy (sic), geopgraphy (sic), science (no, not “climate change”) and raising our kids (sic) math and science scores.

So concentrate hard on your histroy and geopgraphy, readers, because “the Left and Islamism” just won’t give up. They might tell you otherwise, but all they want is to teach your children “climate change” and “dhimmitude.”

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  1. hanumizzle:

    I’m all for keeping the art classes and computer labs open (at the expense of Khalil Gibran if necessary), but Crazy Pammy is nutty and paranoid as usual.

    And since when did she select which science goes into the official canon…?

  2. dumpendebat:

    I agree with you. The Gibran school is a nice idea, but not at the expense of the school’s pre-existing core curriculum. The Dep’t of Education claims the school got 86ed because of that probable impact.

    Crazy Pammy claims it’s because the White Knights of the New Crusades just pwned Saladin again. To her, the words Arab, Muslim, and Terrorist are literally synonymous and interchangeable.

    My favorite part, of course, is her own analphabetic rant about what the school’s core curriculum should consist of.

  3. hanumizzle:

    Shorter Crazy Pammy:

    “It’s only science if it doesn’t conflict with my ideology. Oh, and rules are for the rabble, so take my advice; I’m not using it anyway…”

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