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A sniff in the kortevar, that what you cry for, yeled? A prert up the cull, a prang on the dumpendebat?

I hope I’ve tickal your mind a little

Even though I live in Pittsburgh now, I still keep an eye on the Washington City Paper for its feature stories, which are sometimes fascinating. You should check out the latest cover story, “Letters From An Arsonist”. Here, a serial arsonist reveals some of the reasoning behind his choices of properties to burn down:

I’ll give my thoughts briefly about the ones you sent.

First, 2505 Randolph St NE. I regret this fire because it was an elder man reside there. But there was a bike on the porch that attracted me to that house, plus the location, very quiet and trees on the other side so it was easy to escape—the media had this one all wrong—there was no man riding a bike past—for my car was only 3 houses down. And you’re right Dave why would they paint that house purple!?

Second, 4920 N Capitol St NW. it looks the very same front + back—the fire was set at the back on the second level. That particular early morning I was desperate to set a fire and search most of morning looking for a place where it was safe to get a way fast. I kind a like the alley and how I was able to walk up on the back porch and sit at the wooden door (for I knew it was the kitchen) and it would burned. This was a good fire because the guy who lived there was handsome and a college student. I wanted to meet him (but that would only happen thru fire. The owners must not had insurance for this building remains the same.

I preferred aluminum sidings over brick because it burn faster—a brick house was only if its was convience or other…

3rd, the house 2804 30th St NE. I kind a like the side of house and the old model cars that seem to have racing car tires and that appeal to me that a mechanic or a real man who needed a helping hand from someone and perhaps lived with His mother or relative. Sort of like the same feeling at Evarts St. I parked exactly in front of this house and watched—when firetrucks came I moved around and just watched afar off. So you see, it doesn’t always had to be the type of house but the cars + trucks parked in the driveway can become a phantasy. This was a good fire and still see the funky old cars parked on the side.

Lastly, the house 1315 Otis St N.E. This fire was on the side of house and burned a little. I was glad no one got hurt for this was not a good fire—the Lady + her child were safe. As you noticed it was again aluminum…

Well Dave, I hope I’ve tickal your mind a little! But, it’s like I’m feeling really upbeat and excited to write about the past (for there is no future)! And, glad to hear these stories are of interest to you.

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  1. Hanque:

    Interesting. I always wondered if arsonists actually stick around to see the fires. It appears they do.

    “I parked exactly in front of this house and watched…”

  2. dumpendebat:

    Yeah, this guy seems to have had some weird sexual fetishes involving the cops and firefighters, and also had fantasies of rescuing the people he was jeopardizing with his fires, so he liked to stick around for a while. He is a world-class weirdo.

  3. Stram:

    Wow! Very, very bizarre.

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