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Dank Hagny, Shrink-O-Matic

The doctor is IN, readers, over at Liberal Quicksand, where our sometimes friend/sometimes enemy Dank Hagny seems to be trying to start a blogfight and indulging in sub-Krauthammerian wingnut armchair psychoanalysis:

Picture of Lucy at her doctor booth[L]iberals want government to do everything for them. They have no confidence in their abilities, and hence are unhappy people.

Before I get railroaded with the emails of ’successful’ liberals like Ted Turner, George Soros, William Buffet and the Hollywood left, let me simply ask; Are any of those people happy?

Picture of Charles KrauthammerThe answer is no. They made it, but they feel that 99% of you are incapable of handling anything correctly yourself. Hence, they will run things or put the proper people in place to run things for you. In other words, put your life in their hands.

Picture of Kool-Aid manThat is where the rest of the liberal ‘followers’ come in. People like the Liberal Avenger, Stram, Dump, Kay, Brian, Fal and all the other liberals commenting here. Deep down, they see themselves as unable and inadequate to cope with the world – hence they need their government nanny safety net – and a leader to lead them and save them from themselves and all those who are secure in their own skin.

Liberalism, in actuality, is a pathetic immaturity, psychosis and mental illness.

Readers, somebody has been hitting the wingnut Kool-Aid a little too hard lately. Somebody who believes in the literal truth of the “Clinton Death List” — who believes that former President Bill Clinton has had his personal enemies killed — calls other people “immature” and “mentally ill.”

Somebody who has sat idly by, nodding occasionally with approval, while the Bush administration arrogates unto itself the absolute and unchecked powers of a monarchy, now accuses his ideological opposites of needing “a leader… to save them from themselves.”

You know, if our friend had ever maybe raised a voice in protest against the Bush doctrine of an unfettered executive branch, one which possesses absolute power over the legislature and the courts, it might be possible for us to take him a little more seriously. Habeas corpus, the kernel of jurisprudence in the English-speaking world since Magna Carta, disappears — and our staunch defender of the Constitution has nothing to say about it, other than perhaps quietly to mumble that “only terrorists” have lost their constitutional rights.

Instead, our freedom-loving friend has chosen, out of his abject fear of “Radical Islam”, to cast his lot with the Bush administration’s philosophy of endless unilateral wars of choice overseas, and a suspension of civil rights at home, in the name of “National Security.”

Every night he peeks under his bed to make sure Osama’s not hiding there, and thanks God that George W. Bush is sending American troops off to Iraq to get their arms and legs blown off to keep us safe from The Terrorists. He thanks God that Bush has broken the law in order to permit the NSA to listen in on US citizens’ private phone calls, with no warrants or legal oversight whatsoever, trusting his strong manly leader to only use this power against The Bad Guys. The Fourth Amendment? That’s only for traitors who’ve got something to hide, readers.

Torture is not a problem for our friend. He thinks it doesn’t happen, except for when it does; and when it does happen, it only happens to those who deserve it. Our government, being infinitely wise and just, can be trusted absolutely to make people disappear indefinitely, seized off the streets, bound and gagged, and flown in hoods and goggles to foreign lands, there to be tortured in the name of our “National Security.” We citizens do not need to be concerned; President Bush and Jack Bauer are on the job.

Think about this, readers, and then judge for yourselves: Who do you reckon feels himself “unable and inadequate (sic) to cope with the world” and thus puts his faith and trust in “a leader to lead [him] and save [him] from [himself]“?

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  1. Hank Dagny:

    Unchecked powers? And you accuse me of drinking the Kool-aid of propaganda?

    Bush and your hero Ted Kennedy just tried to legalize 20 million law breakers and the American people stopped them.

    You and your liberal traitors are the only ones shedding tears for the terrorists trying to kill us, while all the while undermining the war effort.

    The Constitution does not apply to terrorists and should not apply to illegal aliens either. The Geneva Convention may apply to the illegal aliens but I doubt it. The terrorists, not a chance.

    It is a war – stupid. You are not rounding up Kum Bi Ya singing paid Democrat protestors at a university sit-in for world peace and TV time (TV time only during Republican administrations of course). They are bad people who would slit your throat in a minute.

    As a matter of fact, radical Islamists have less use for you whiny, feminist tolerating, gay marriage advocating, drug using, godless liberals than they do for conservatives. Terrorists would give us a chance to ‘repent’. They would kill all liberals quickly and painfully.

    But you keep helping them to win, idiot.

    People seized off the streets is a product of the very liberal-communist government you want in this country Dump. More people have been killed by leftist governments than all others combined – including all religious zealotry. But liberals ignore history.

    As you are dragged off to the killing fields you will say to yourself, Hank was right after all.

    I won’t be with you on that march however. I am quite capable of doing what is necessary when the time comes – unlike liberal bed-wetters.

  2. dumpendebat:

    Shorter Hank Dagny:

    Picture of Daffy Duck as Screwball creature

  3. Hank Dagny:

    Nice comeback Potsy.

  4. dumpendebat:

    I was talking to Emeril earlier today, and he says you need to kick it up a notch.

    Picture of celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse


  5. hanu:

    As you are dragged off to the killing fields you will say to yourself, Hank was right after all.

    Facts or STFU

  6. Stram:

    Who do you reckon feels himself “unable and inadequate (sic) to cope with the world” and thus puts his faith and trust in “a leader to lead [him] and save [him] from [himself]”?

    You sure have Dank pegged, Filius. He’s the biggest scared little sheep in the country and regardless of how many times he lies about it, he voted for Bush both times and that’s who ‘leads’ him around.

    Ask him how many Bush/Cheney lawn signs he had in his yard leading up to the 2004 election. We’ll see if he lies again.

  7. dumpendebat:

    Well, he’s now claiming to have seen the light of True Conservative Righteousness and to have abandoned the “socialist” GOP.

    He’s even calling President Bush a socialist these days.

    Will his money go where his mouth is?

  8. Stram:

    He’s a patholgical liar who is embarrassed by his voting record. There are a lot of Bush supporters who have turned against Bush, and rightfully so, but they’re not liars like Dank – they just admit they were wrong.

  9. The Liberal Avenger:

    Hey Hank!

    Did Hillary really kill Vince Foster?

  10. Bill:

    No, I shot that S.O.B because he was banging my old lady!

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