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The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm movie posterIt’s the perfect storm in Wingnut Land, readers:

Gay! Lesbian! Islamofascist! Muslim! Terrorists!!!!

In February, the two women–who live together as lesbian “domestic partners” (which is supposed to be haram–forbidden–by Islam) were caught surveilling planes’ take-off and landing at Dallas’ Love Field airport with binoculars. And they were also caught pacing and counting the number of paces inside the airport terminals (which authorities say is a typical surveillance and planning technique).

It’s the nefarious nexus of the Gay Agenda and Islamofascism — a couple of Texas Arab Bull-Dykes. All they need to do is have a few abortions each and start cashing welfare checks, and they’ll have gone ahead and hit for the cycle.

“But wait, Dumpendebat,” you’re saying. “I just read the blog post you’ve linked to, and those two women are obviously batshit crazy.” No, my friend:

I don’t believe for a second that either one of these women is crazy. They’re just acting that way to test the system for their Islamofascist comrades–test the system, conduct dry runs, and see how much they can get away with. And they’re getting away with a lot. Way too much. They are laughing at us.

Don’t forget, Al-Qaeda has long instructed operatives–per its training manual and elsewhere–to do things to obscure their real plots, including directions to act crazy or insane, so plots won’t be taken seriously, once discovered.

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  1. Stram:

    I don’t care, Filius, I’m real fucking scared anyway!

    Now they’ve added bull-dykes and we don’t stand a chance.

    Man, the Islamic fundamentalists who want to blow up airplanes would cut the heads off lesbians in a Waziristan minute!

    That Debbie Schlussel is one crazy paranoid Muslim-hating Michigan bitch. I actually find myself visiting her site for the comedy. I think she’s actually insane.

  2. Stram:

    And oh yeah, thanks for the MLB link on hitting the for the cycle. I didn’t know there was a category for ‘natural cycle’.

  3. gordo:

    I can’t decide whether Schlussel or Pam Oshry is the most insane member of the Axis of Crazy (Schlussel, Oshry, and Malkin). What I can’t figure out is why anyone with enough brains to figure out how to turn a computer on would want to go back to their sites again and again.

  4. dumpendebat:


    I used to think Crazy Pammy was the craziest of those three shrieking harpies, but I’ve come to the realization that Debbie Schlussel, the “Costco Coulter,” is every bit as looney-tunes as Pammy. The two of them share an obsession with Muslim World Domination that is absolutely clinical in its detachment from reality and sense.

    The scariest thing of all is that both of them have devoted fanbases who take them very seriously indeed. Many people want to believe that Muslims are openly taking over the world. It seems to give some kind of meaning to their lives.

    Poor Stram, surrounded by the likes of Dank Hagny and the Costco Coulter up there in the Wolverine State.

  5. appletree » Blog Archive » Wednesday Outrage: ‘Axis of Crazy’ Edition:

    [...] Debbie Schlussel tells us about that two obviously crazy Muslim fundamentalist lesbians are part of an Islamic terror cell. You may be relieved to know that these women are now in custody [...]

  6. Stram:

    Michigan is a great state, a strong BLUE state but we do have our share of idiots nonetheless. We also have our share of embarrassments and you certainly pegged two of them. I say, ‘Sams Club’, but that’s a little too classy for that fool. Are there any sheep franchises?

  7. dumpendebat:

    Stram, I grew up in southeastern Virginia, but there’s arguably some Wolverine State in my blood: my mother grew up in the Detroit suburb of Berkley.

  8. Stram:

    Wow, that’s a great part of Virginia to be from. I have visited Jamestown and Williamsburg (who hasn’t)and really enjoyed it.

    Berkley, huh? Very nice community and even more so when your mother grew up there. I’m also from ’southeastern’ Michigan, raised in a small town actually closer to Toledo than Detroit but lived just about half of my adult life in California.

    I love both states - They’re as BLUE as can be. Virginia is getting there.

  9. dumpendebat:

    Williamsburg, VA, is my hometown. It is a great place, although it’s getting very crowded as more and more people find out about it (as a place to live and not just a tourist attraction). Virginia is really like two (or three) different states: the affluent northern counties, which are part of the Washington D.C. suburbs; the more “Southern” central and eastern counties (Dixie starts at around Fredericksburg, VA); and the intensely rural southwestern counties.

    The latter two are still very much Red-State America, while the affluent D.C. suburbs are more progressive (although not as much so as the Maryland D.C. suburbs, and of course the District itself is the bluest of all blue states).

    Where did you live in California, Stram?

  10. Stram:

    Williamsburg is real nice. I haven’t been there since 1997.

    Primarily, Santa Monica - 10 years - spent a couple more at Vandenberg AFB north of Santa Barbara and sometime in Orange Co.

    I’m fairly aware of the demographics there in Virginia. Michigan is similar in that it’s blue primarily because of the urban areas and blue collar suburbs.

    I currently live about 50 miles northwest of Detroit with a bunch of Klansman. It’s probably about 67% Republican. We all moved out here to get away from all of the Negros.

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