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The richest ironies, or 9/11 Changed Everything

Readers, do not miss Glenn Greenwald’s post detailing the Bush administration’s criticism, in February 2001, of Russia’s human-rights abuses. Before 9/11 Changed Everything, these are just a few of the behaviors the United States considered problematic:

  • Government “monitor[ing] Internet traffic, telephone calls, and pagers without judicial approval” (cf. Bush Administration NSA warrant-free wiretapping)
  • Lengthy pretrial detention of accused criminals (cf. Bush Administration’s treatment of terror suspects)
  • Torture of suspected Chechen terrorists (cf. Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, “extraordinary rendition,” etc.)

Don’t forget, readers: 9/11 Changed Everything.

Picture of Abu Ghraib inmate, hooded, bending over

Picture of Abu Ghraib inmate, spread-eagled, covered in shit

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