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Daily Link for 2007/07/23

One of Mitt Romney’s national finance co-chairs, Mel Sembler, was the founder of a drug/alcohol-recovery “boot camp” for teens called Straight Inc., where teens were “subjected to unusual punishment, infliction of pain, humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, coercion, threats, mental abuse… and interference with daily living functions such as eating, sleeping and toileting,” according to the LA Times.

Romney has more than one financial co-chair with abusive “boot-camp” ties in their past. Read the article at Reason magazine.

If you want to know more about these wretched “boot camps” for troubled teens, please read “Children’s Gulags” at the Orange Papers website. It’s an eye-opener, readers.

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  1. Stram:

    - smoked em’, brother.


  2. Hank Dagny:

    If Stram had gone to one of Mel’s camps, he might have been saved from his fits with the ‘munchies’ today.
    Teens who’s parents can’t control them need something like this or they end up liberals looking for the government teat or guests of the taxpayer (effectively on the teat anyway).
    Of course the more in prison, the bigger the DNC potential voting block.

  3. dumpendebat:

    I know you like the idea of tough, no-frills, scare-’em-straight “boot camps,” but did you actually read any of the material I linked to? Those “boot camps” are basically the perfect opportunity for some maladjusted people to torture some other maladjusted people.

  4. Hank Dagny:

    Yeah right. Conservatives torture people - I forgot the liberal template.

    If the camp was mis-managed that is a different issue and not what you presented in your snide little blogpost. You are linking the ‘torture’ of poor little teens directly to Romney and it is a very lame bit of mudslinging.

    Why don’t you debate Hillary’s current assertion that we need to “replace American society’ or ‘I wanna take the oil company profits’ with me?

    Naw, teaspoon mudslinging is easier than defending blatant communism from our next president.

  5. dumpendebat:

    What planet are you on today? Let’s see how much craziness you managed to cram into one comment:

    >Conservatives torture people

    Actually, creepy pseudo-cons like you applaud torture, but you don’t torture people yourselves. What that might have to do with this blog post, though, is something only you seem to know.

    >You are linking the ‘torture’ of poor little teens directly to Romney

    Romney => Romney’s cronies => “boot camp” torture

    That’s not much of a stretch, now is it? Do you need a diagram?

    >Why don’t you debate Hillary’s current assertion that we need to “replace American society’ or ‘I wanna take the oil company profits’ with me?

    Link? I think you’re making that up.

  6. Stram:

    LOL. Dank opens mouth not knowing what he’s talking about.

    And Dank, you shouldn’t be squalkin’ about parents controling anything - I had ‘parents’. … We don’t want to drill down too far on why you’re such punkass coward and a psycho.

  7. Stram:

    I thought that creep’s name sounded familiar.

    Hank’s new role model, ‘Ambassador de Sade’, was a real big fundraiser for the Bush’s, too.

    They just re-cycle these guys. Romney made Sembler his ‘national finance co-chair’ knowing about this guy?

    I can see Hank getting excited about Mel but Romney has to be a lot smarter than that.

  8. dumpendebat:

    >They just re-cycle these guys.

    Yeah, they just keep turning up, like the proverbial bad penny. Talk about “wingnut welfare.” But this guy is really an egregious example. Check out his contribution history.

  9. hanumizzle:

    I didn’t like high-school bullies.

    I don’t like former high-school bullies either.

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