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Islamist Curricula - UPDATED

Remember the proposed Arabic-language school that had Crazy Pammy so worked up? It’s still a big deal to her, and to others as well. There’s a blog dedicated to stopping the school (“Stop The Madrassa” at Blogspot), and the wingnutty New York Sun has a whole collection of articles on the subject.

The school’s opponents seem to be concerned that the principal has shady links to Radical Islam, in addition to the Crazy Pammy/Mark Steyn belief that “Arabic is not just another language.”

UPDATE, 2007/07/28, 15:45

Here’s how the school was described on “Hannity & Colmes”:

HANNITY: And if you live in New York City, guess what? Your tax dollars could be going to fund a madrassa. That’s right. It’s a story that will shock every American. We’ll break it wide open right here on Hannity & Colmes. [...] And later, the city that fell victim to the biggest terrorist attack in world history challenges the separation of church and state and using tax dollars to fund an all-Muslim school. That story coming up straight ahead. [...] Coming up, controversy over an Arabic school set to open in Brooklyn, New York, paid for with taxpayer dollars. So will this be a breeding ground for radicals? We’ll debate. We’ll let you decide straight ahead.

Hannity simply lies, calling it an “all-Muslim” “madrassa.” Unbelievable.

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  1. gordo:

    It’s obvious that Pam Oshry and Mark Steyn are motivated more by bigotry than by concern for security. If anyone doubted that, the “Arabic is not just another language” silliness should have convinced them.

    Unfortunately, there’s a faction within our foreign policy apparatus that is also motivated more by bigotry than by the need to fight terrorism. I think that’s why there’s still a push to invade and occupy Iran, despite the fact that it would only double the problems we’re having in Iraq and Afghanistan, and fuel anti-Americanism throughout the Islamic world.

    In fact, for them the anti-Americanism is not a bug, but a feature. The more terrorism there is, the freer a hand we can take when killing Muslims.

  2. appletree » Blog Archive » Friday Links: ‘Galileo’s Final Thoughts on Fundamentalism’ Edition:

    [...] Dumpendebat reports that Crazy Pam Oshry has enlisted some allies in her crusade against teaching the Arabic language in public schools (background here). They want the US to attack Iran, Syria, and Jordan, but they don’t want anyone in the US to be able to speak Arabic. Of course, Crazy Pam, Mark Steyn, and their new pals at the New York Sun will tell you that they’re not motivated by bigotry, but by legitimate concerns for security. [...]

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