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Crazy Pammy and the “Fight of our Lives”

For whatever reason, there is a faction of the right wing that is positively in love with the idea that “we” (white America and whatever other white people, preferably English-speaking, choose to side with us) are involved in a war to the death with all Arabs and Muslims. Look at how Crazy Pammy waxes absolutely rhapsodic about the damage wrought by the steam-pipe failure and subsequent explosion near Grand Central Station, which was just the latest Secret Nazi Muslim Fascist Terrorist Attack on America’s American Homeland:

Picture of person in straitjacketCops standing on innocuous corners watching. Law enforcement knows. [...] I clock the war. It’s what I do. I watch, I report and observe [...] The crisis of our time is so pressing, so imminent, it has seized me. To my very core. I walk the streets f [sic] New York and feel as if I am walking the garden of the Finzi-Continis. If anyone cares enough to pay attention, the worst of signs are all there. As much as I might want to take a day, a weekend off, it is seemingly not possible. Even the responsible news channels are not necessarily the news. They are loathe to mention Islam, jihad, the fight of our lives. They won’t do it. Any other story? No problem. But if any news story has even the slightest indication of Islamic jihad, it’s blackout. The jihad never rests and it is gaining. On us.

This, readers, is pure wingnut porn. She’s got so much wingnuttery crammed into one blog post —

  • Pretending that the steam-pipe failure was really the work of Muslim terrorists (and, of course, the NYPD knows it but won’t admit it).
  • Pretending that she herself is a noble citizen journalist (not a clinically paranoid shrieking harpy with a third-rate, slow-to-load, clunky, ugly Typepad weblog).
  • Pretending that only she, and perhaps a few other brave souls, have the courage to see the real truth “they” aren’t telling us (the “truth,” of course, being that Scary Nazi Muslims are taking over the world).
  • A reference, albeit oblique, to Nazi Germany.
  • And, of course, the Liberal-Media-Jihad-Alliance conspiracy theory.

It’s one thing, readers, to be concerned about the threat of terrorism. Everyone should be concerned about it. However, it’s quite another thing to see Muslim Nazi Terrorist Fascist Overlords lurking behind every tree, bush, and park bench. Crazy Pammy has become so obsessed with her “global jihad” that she sees hadith and Quranic verses floating languidly atop the milk in her kids’ morning bowls of Alpha-Bits. She openly believes that Muslims need to be killed before they kill “us.” To her, every Muslim in the world is a terrorist until proven otherwise.

A quasi-religious belief in this Us-Against-Them, Fight-Of-Our-Lives doomsday scenario seems to attract a certain type of person. I think it’s a type of person who is, thankfully, over-represented on the Internet; but there are a lot of them out there nonetheless. Some of them, I think, just really like the idea that it’s like WWII all over again — those bad Nazis and Japs sure are scary, but Private Ryan and the Band of Brothers are on the job, mowing down the bad guys with bursts of tommy-gun fire, and it’ll all be OK in the end, after we drop the Big One. In the meantime, we’ll all fight the good fight at home, tending our Victory Gardens, keeping our Yellow Ribbons bright and fresh, and cheering decorously for Our Boys In Uniform.

Some of them are motivated by fear (the 9/11 Changed Everything school); some of them are motivated by a combination of racism and xenophobia. For the Crazy Pammys of the world, it seems to be all three: in her world, the enemy is Islam itself, and every Muslim is the enemy. Everyone who doesn’t share her obsessive paranoia, everyone who doesn’t see Muslim Nazi Propaganda and the Global Jihad everywhere they look, is the enemy, too.

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  1. Stram:

    It’s one thing, readers, to be concerned about the threat of terrorism. Everyone should be concerned about it. However, it’s quite another thing to see Muslim Nazi Terrorist Fascist Overlords lurking behind every tree, bush, and park bench.

    Very well said.

    How do people like her and Schlussel end up being so paranoid? Or do they just write that stuff for an audience?

  2. troll:

    hhhh, s - y tw thnk 9/11 ws n ‘sltd’ ncdnt - lk Htlr nvdng Plnd. Nt prblm. Snd bm t tlk t sm. Prblm slvd.

    Th fct tht ‘n vrg’ th nmbr 2 mst pplr nm fr sns n rp s ‘Mhmmd’. Nt n ss.

    Th fct tht mst Mslm ldrs stt qt frnkly tht f y r nt Mslm, y r n nfdl nd MST b klld fr nsltng slm.

    G bck t yr pt nd yr cf ltts, nd prtnd th ntd Stts s th prblm. Sd prt s y lbrls wll b th frst ns klld ndr thr trrr. ftr ll, y wnt wmn vtng! ll

  3. dumpendebat:

    Hank Dagny:

    By this point, I know better than to think you can do it, but:

    Can you cite a reference for either of your claims: (a) “‘on average’ the number 2 most popular name for sons in Europe is ‘Mohammad,’” (b) “most Muslim leaders state quite frankly that if you are not a Muslim, you are an infidel and MUST be killed for insulting Islam.”

    For (a), I think you’re regurgitating some already-half-forgotten statistic you stumbled across on Rush Limbaugh’s website. For (b), you’re just making shit up. “Most Muslim leaders” (and what is a “Muslim leader” anyway? Who “leads” Muslims?) say no such thing.

    Anyway, what’s your point? That Nazi Muslim Fascist Terrorists really are taking over the world?

  4. troll:

    Th dt n th nms cn b fnd n bk lbrls wld nvr rd s t dstrys thr ‘hd n th snd’ lfstyl. Tk lk t “mrc ln’ by Mrk Styn.

    Mst pplr nm n Blgm? Mhmmd.
    Mst pplr nm n mstrdm? Mhmmd.
    n Mlm, Swdn? Mhmmd.

    “Wht s Mslm ldr?” s qstn t gnrnt t rspnd t. Tll y wht - hd t rn nd sk t s n p cls nd prsnl. B sr t wr yr NW t-shrt nd ‘pr-chc’ bmpr stckr t.

  5. dumpendebat:

    H.D., you’re embarrassing yourself.

    First, you’re quoting to me from the works of Mark “Arabic-Is-Not-Just-Another-Language” Steyn and expecting me to take it seriously.

    Second, you are unable to define your own term “Muslim leader,” let alone name one who says anything like what you claim “most of them” say.

    Third, you have yet to produce any evidence whatsoever to support any of your outlandish claims, not so much as a single link. The best you can do is tell me that Mark Steyn claims “the most popular name in Belgium is Mohammed.” Sorry, Charlie — that doesn’t cut it.

    Picture of Emeril

    I asked Emeril about this, and he says you need to kick it up a notch.

  6. Hanque:


  7. Stram:

    It more than likely has to do with your reading comprehension level, but this is what was written.

    It’s one thing, readers, to be concerned about the threat of terrorism. Everyone should be concerned about it.

    And Dagny is embarrassing himself? NO. Filius, he can’t help it.

    And by the way dumbass, if we were going to send Obama to talk to Osama we wouldn’t send him to Iraq.

    We were smart enough to know before we needlessly attacked Iraq where bin Laden, al-Qaeda and those who attacked were. It’s a historical blunder, and a national disgrace, that so many of you fools didn’t.

    This posts nails you Dagny. It fits you to a ‘t’. Scared, paranoid little twerp that’s more sheep than man.

  8. dumpendebat:

    Hanque, thanks for the MEMRI link. They do expose some creepy, creepy stuff. Of course there are radical imams and clerics. Of course, it’s also ridiculous to claim that “most Muslim leaders” are advocating world domination by means of terrorism, or the wholesale slaughter of unbelievers. That’s nothing but fearmongering. This is the point I’m trying to make.

  9. Hanque:

    The problem here is that the imam of al Azhar can easily be classified as “radical.” And he sits at the head of the most powerful Islamic academic and theological institution in the world.

  10. hanumizzle:

    Du har tyvärr fel, Hank Dagny. De mest omtyckt pojknamn i Sverige under 2006 var ‘Lucas’. ‘Mohammed’ har 72nd rangen i listen, som är mindre än det sist årets rang, 69th.

    Olik dig, jag kan anföra en trolig källa, inte wingnut blather:


    På engelska: WRONG, N00B Gå och knulla dig, asshole.

  11. hanumizzle:

    upps, s/de mest/det mest/

    Inte felfrit, men väldigt mer riktigt än Stank Hagknees dumheter.

  12. Stram:

    What do you mean, Hanu? Dank saying that it’s the number one name when it’s actually #73 is actually an improvement on most the bullshit he writes.

    After all, he actually has an award for being a pathological liar named after him on the internets.

    He’s a legendary liar.

  13. hanumizzle:

    Even had I a Ph.D. today, I could never write an expert system that even comes close to Hank Dagny’s flights of oven cleaner-fueled fancy.

  14. dumpendebat:

    Yes, he believes that Nazi Muslim Islamofascists really are taking over the world. This belief is “strong” and “tough,” as opposed to “liberal cowardice,” by the way.

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