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Jim Crow is alive and well in Iraq

At Forward Operating Base Warhorse, near Ba’quba, Iraq, Iraqi translators and other workers are forbidden from using the same bathrooms as their American masters… er, sorry, I mean bosses. It’s because those Arabs are, you know, completely untrustworthy. Or is it because they’re, you know, dirty and icky?

Picture of American-Only sign on bathroom door
Marquez cited security. “We are at war, and operational security (OPSEC) and force protection are critical in this environment,” Marquez wrote. “We screen all our local nationals working and living in the FOB, however, you can never know what’s in their mind.”

Other soldiers traced the regulations to what they called cultural differences between the Iraqis and the Americans.

“We’ve had issues with locals,” said Staff Sgt. Oscar Garcia, who mans Warhorse’s administrative hub. “It’s not because we’re segregating.”

Garcia said some Iraqis squatted on the rims of unfamiliar American-style toilets or had used showers as toilets, forcing private contractors who maintain the facilities to clean up after them.

Another soldier at the administrative hub who declined to give his name or rank cited conflicts over hygiene habits. “We can’t accept people washing their feet where I brush my teeth,” he said.

“It’s to keep problems from happening,” said Army Capt. Janet Herrick, a public affairs officer. “It’s a preventive measure … so no one gets belittled.”

This is how you win hearts and minds, readers.

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  1. mullah cimoc:

    mullah cimoc say ameriki now having big opportunity understanding mind control technical in usa. now good for illustration:

    1. mr. rove, him bush media man now floating theme: “things are getting better in iraq”. of course, total lie but discussing that later.

    2. now ameriki needing identify whcih reporter and outlet among usa media now pushing this implant to brain. who are out there serving him rove right now? this illustrate what him call “orchestration”. and also ameirki learning which reporter just a fake working for whoever give the money and the sex pill.

    mr. rove him have connection so many different media for planting this big phoney story of lie. when come from the many source looking like reliable info. to usa average man.

    3. this all part run up for ameriki general petraes when making surge report to usa congress and all ameriki people.
    all people know what genral to say: things are getting better, not perfect, but better and we need another six months for stragetic to develop..then we report back.

    4. so we know, all lies about “better in iraq” part of orchestratin effort by him mr. rove. them plan for “surge” in poll number, keep bush in power until end term, not the war crime charging. but all fake.

    5. most important for aemriki to learning who among media part of mr. rove mind control machine?

    for illustration ameriki to google:

    mighty wurltizer +cia

    or for the eduation him google:
    iraq +”things are better”.

    so many him ameriki knowing this all lies for make ameriki stupid to torture - kill muslim for him master in tel aviv.

    oh ameriki, rise up all you fallen fighter, rise and take your stand against foreigner control usa.

  2. hanumizzle:

    Garcia said some Iraqis squatted on the rims of unfamiliar American-style toilets or had used showers as toilets, forcing private contractors who maintain the facilities to clean up after them.

    But everyone pisses in the shower.

  3. dumpendebat:

    GREG: Oh, I see… you’re friends with the urinator, aren’t you?

    ELAINE: Yeah, well, at least he had a drain.

  4. Troll:

    Whewe do you wive so i can come ovew and shit in youw showew. Wets see how that inspiwes you to win ovew my heawt and mind

  5. Stram:

    A clash of cultures, a clash at just about everything.

    We should have never went there in the first place and we should get the hell out now!

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