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An Eagle In Your Mind

Do you remember Jerome “Eagle-Eyes” Corsi, readers? I wrote about him way back in January of 2005 — 2005/01/25 and 2005/01/28, to be exact. He’s the freak-a-zoid who co-authored the execrable Swift-Boat Vets book Unfit for Command (a book which was instrumental in helping secure a second term in office for Bush/Cheney, you may remember, thanks to a gullible Liberal Mainstream Media) and who wrote some pretty strong stuff in the comment threads over in Freeper Land.

There’s always a comfortable home, readers, for the wingnut fringes, over at WorldNetDaily. Eagle-Eyes reckons the I-35 bridge collapse in Minneapolis was probably due to heavy “NAFTA Superhighway traffic.” Look at the links beneath Eagle-Eyes’ little article and you’ll be directed to a wealth of black-helicoptery New-World-Ordery goodness about the dreaded “North American Union.”

(via Hatewatch)

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